S2E14 – Stroke and the Big City

S2E14 – Stroke and the Big City
  • Lecture Credits: 1.5
  • Designed for: MFR, EMT, AEMT/Spec, EMT-P
  • Category: Medical
  • In this episode/course, Dr. Ethan Brandler discusses the S-LAMS stroke severity that is currently by the Ney York City Fire Department Bureau of EMS. Dr. Brandler is currently an associate professor of emergency medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital, and he is also the Associate Medical Director of the university-based EMS system which provides 911 and critical care services. He also provides online medical control for the NYFD EMS service, and he is the medical director for various EMS agencies around his home in Long Island, New York. AND he even responds to calls as a paramedic in his hometown of Plainview, New York. Specifically, Dr. Brandler will discuss a lot of very important and interesting things, but primarily he will describe why NYFD EMS stroke protocols were updated to include stroke severity scales. In addition, he’ll walk us through their stroke protocol, the use of S-LAMS, how NYFD prepared to implement the updated stroke protocols into operation and, most importantly, talk about the real life benefits their stroke patients are experiencing.

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