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American CME offers outstanding online advertisement campaigns that guarantee your message will be seen!

American CME offers free online education to all first responders across the country. Continuing Medical Education is mandatory to maintain the license of all Paramedics and EMT's. Our strong demographic consist of users that not only have jobs but they are required to take continuing education. Our video based format allows us to feature your advertisement for the entire duration of each CME course. Each course is a minimum of 23 minutes! This fact will help ensure your Ad is noticed.

With most online advertisements you pay for impressions, but how often are your ads being shown and not seen? How long was your Ad visible? With American CME you only pay when your ad is shown and it is guaranteed to be visible for 23 plus minutes. We only offer 2 ads per course so your Ad won't get lost in the mix and there is no way for our users to hide your ad. This gives you the confidence that our users will not only see your message, but they will have time to think about it.

American CME also actively encourages its users to support our fine sponsors and advertisers by highlighting that they are the reason we are able to bring the finest online education to all users at no cost.

Start Today!

  • Campaigns start as low as $300
  • Ads are randomly selected each time a course is viewed
  • Ads cost only .75c / view
  • You receive an image (150px x 150px) and up to 80 characters for your ad.

So for a $300 campaign your advertisement will run 400 times, which equates to 9,200 minutes of actually view time!

For more information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Chrissine Cairns at

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