Rhythm Analysis and Cardiac Event Recognition platform

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What is RACER? The new American CME RACER platform is an EKG interpretation learning management platform. RACER provides access a large and diverse database of general and 12-lead EKG rhythm strips. This platform allows EMS providers to earn a completion certificate after successfully interpreting a total of 30 EKG rhythms.

How does RACER work?

  1. Select one of the two RACER EKG versions
    • RACER 12-Lead: This version provides access to 12-lead EKGs for you to interpret.
    • RACER EKG Rhythms: This version provides access to individual and 3-lead EKGs for you to interpret.
  2. Next, an EKG rhythm will appear on the screen along with four multiple-choice answers.
  3. Following each response, you will be informed if the response was correct or incorrect.
  4. After successfully interpreting 30 EkGs, a certificate will be generated and your information will be saved in your profile indefinitely.

The RACER platform is set up to give you different rhythms each time you access it.  This allows you to use RACER multiple times throughout the year to hone your skills.