S2E26 – “EMS Patient Care Reports – The Rules of the Game.” (Michigan Only)

S2E26 – “EMS Patient Care Reports – The Rules of the Game.” (Michigan Only)
  • Lecture Credits: 0.5
  • Designed for: MFR, EMT, AEMT/Spec, EMT-P
  • Category: Operations
  • Approved in Mi only: This episode is the second in a four-part series focusing on EMS patient care reports, or PCRs. This series has been developed in collaboration with the Oakland County Medical Control Authority (OCMCA) and various EMS providers as a way of providing information and guidance to EMS agencies and personnel. Although we reference the OCMCA and our local and State EMS protocols, this series is beneficial to all EMS agencies and providers. In this episode, we discuss the value of EMS PCRs. Primarily, our goal is to increase EMS’ appreciation and awareness of the value and relevance of EMS patient care documentation, as well as how to implement best practices into their work. To accomplish the goal, our guests help us: Appreciate the hierarchy and role of laws related to EMS documentation, administrative rules, EMS protocols, and agency policies and how they all work in concert to cultivate quality and consistency amongst EMS patient care documentation. Then, we’ll list and describe applicable protocols related to drafting and submitting EMS patient care records.

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