S2E09 - Cardiac Arrest Controversies Part 2

S2E09 - Cardiac Arrest Controversies Part 2
  • Lecture Credits: 1.0
  • Designed for: MFR, EMT, AEMT/Spec, EMT-P
  • Category: Medical
  • During this podcast CE course, Dr. Robert Swor discusses data and related controversies regarding airway, breathing and ventilation regarding EMS management of cardiac arrest. Data provides us with an objective look at what is supposed to happen vs. what actually happened. Sometimes, looking at the data from an objective perspective can reveal controversy regarding the “best” treatment options for cardiac arrest patients. Bottom line, what we expect regarding how things work or how well they work isn’t always truth. In this two-part discussion, we’ll discuss many of the controversies that find their way into the discussions of EMS provides and give you with hard facts, as their currently known.

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