S2E32 - Carter KitsTM Sensory Bags

S2E32 - Carter KitsTM Sensory Bags
  • Lecture Credits: 0.5
  • Designed for: MFR, EMT, AEMT/Spec, EMT-P
  • Category: Preparatory
  • During this podcast CE course, we welcome Dr. Sam Mishra, the EMS for Children Coordinator for the State of Michigan. Sam has brought along the founders of Carter Kits™, which is an amazing organization that is helping first responders understand, appreciate and care for children with autism and other special needs in a way that best serves child and their family. Carter Kits™ Sensory Bags contain items known to comfort and appropriately focus children who are on the autism spectrum, as well as many other children who occasionally find themselves overwhelmed or otherwise impacted by traumatic events.

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